S.A.P.Chitosan capsules

S.A.P.Chitosan Capsules is biological products, made from Chitosan from shrimp shell 100% makes our body healthy and creates immunity.
We have certificate by Thailand Government
- Helps function of the body and Healthy
- Make antibody and reduce cholesterol.
- Make balance in your body
- Against cancer
- Reducing toxic and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.
- Chitin - Chitosan is a natural substance. Access to the human body .
- Fat absorption
- Useful for dieting because it make Bacteria in the intestine
- Help in degradation.

Eat Method:
-Take two capsules before meals three times a day, and drink a lot of water after taking it.
- If you do not have a meal, you can still take S.A.P.Chitosan Capsules, it will not cause gastritis.
- In case of taking fatty food, you can take more S.A.P.Chitosan Capsules as see appropriate

(1 carton/100 bottles (1 bottle/100 capsules(250 mgs/capsule) price USD 8-15 F.O.B.)